Monday, October 8, 2007

Sis, a cousin and I

Many many moons ago....a birthday celebration with sis and a cousin.


Hélène Boudreau said...


Are you on the right?

Mahtab said...

Found some b/w pics recently and felt so nostalgic. There's another one I'm going to post shortly ;)

Anne Louise said...

Hi Mahtab,

I came across your blog while checking online to see where I could order The Third Eye. The photo is sweet - you do look like Aftab. :)

Apparently The Third Eye is already in demand. I phoned the distributor listed on the Dundurn site (U of T Press) and was told the book is not yet released, but there are an unusually large number of pre-orders!

I pre-ordered it from McNally Robinson, and got an email back to say it should be available in about a week - can't wait!!

Mahtab said...

Hi Anne Louise,

Thank you for the wonderful e-mail and news re the pre-orders. I am thrilled!

Do I really look like Aftab...I'll have to look again with an unbiased eye. Though he was very cute baby but that's what every mom in the world would say.

Thank you for the support. It means a lot to me :)

See you soon.

James Bow said...

Hey, Mahtab!

I just sent you two e-mails, but I've received notices that they've been blocked by your spam filter. Care to whitelist me?

Mahtab said...

Hi James,

Sorry about that. I have just asked tech support (my hubby) to whitelist you.
Hope your e-mails come through now. Might take a day, so can you please try and re-send tomorrow?