Monday, March 1, 2010

OLA 2010

Had a great time at OLA last Friday. Had a chance to present at the Forest of Reading Showcase and relive those wonderful months till countdown to the Forest of Reading Award Ceremony in May 2009.

Also met my inspiring and wonderful tweeps Helene Boudreau, Deborah Kerbel, Marina Cohen, KC Dyer, Marisa Zamit, Marsha Skrypuch.

Chatted with one of my favourite illustrators ever; Jeremy Tankard, author of Grumpy Bird among others. Also ran into Monique Polak, well-known author and journalist from Montreal as well as Rene Schmidt at the Orca Booth. Met Kari-Lynn Winters who asked me to masquerade as a fish.

And to round of the evening, had dinner with a bunch of the smart, inspiring and fun-loving authors ever which also included Nelsa Roberto, Cheryl Prowse, Natalie Hyde. We also measured head sizes of all :)

Raising a toast to good memories and much success!

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Kari said...

Great fun indeed!
Smiles to all.