Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quirky and Quintessential Writer Series : Featuring Claudia Osmond

In today's blog, I present to you Claudia Osmond; bubbly, always smiling and full of life! She is the co-founder of the Toronto Kidlit Group along with my favourite "Inky Girl," Debbie Ohi (her interview is coming up shortly). Claudia is currently involved in a humanitarian initiative called the Saffron Banyan to end poverty in the city of Trichy in South India. All and any help would be much appreciated!
Claudia is also the author of Smudge's Mark, a fantastic fantasy novel for children.

Without a second's delay, here is a glimpse of that vivacious  and caring personality;

In one word, who are you?

What is your deepest desire?
To have a hand in ending modern-day slavery

Your greatest fear?
Something happening to my kids

Your favorite color?
Candy apple red

A song you can’t help singing along with every time you hear it?
Steal My Sunshine by Len

A movie that made you cry?
Miss Potter made me cry several times. Especially when she found out her books were selling!

A book you have read more than five times? Or a book that influenced you the most?
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

From your own oeuvre: your favorite child?
Smudge’s Mark

One thing you hate about being a writer.
My inner critic: Regularly second-guessing my ability to write.

One thing no one knows about you (and now will)?
Sheesh. Okay. When I was fourteen I wrote fan-mail to Michael Jackson. I secretly wanted to marry him.

 Thank you, Claudia! It was pleasure interviewing you :)


Claudia said...

Thanks, Mahtab! It was fun!

Mahtab said...

My pleasure!