Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A message for my Fans!

Dear Fans,

Last week was a rollercoaster of emotions that culminated in one of the most memorable days of my life; the day I won the Silver Birch Fiction Award!

THANK YOU to all who voted for me. It was all the more special because the votes came from the very audience this book was written for; and that means all of you!!!

Hope you'll enjoy "The Silver Anklet" just as much.

Here is that special moment captured for an eternity by Janet O'Sullivan. Thanks a ton, Janet.



Deborah Kerbel said...

What a fabulous photo, Mahtab! And how fabulous to have the moment captured for all of us who couldn't be there to cheer you on. Thanks for sharing!

Mahtab said...

Thanks Deborah!

I have to thank Janet; the parent and fan who took it and sent it to me! I'm so glad because it was one of the happiest moments in my life and I get to look at this every time I want to give up :)