Friday, May 8, 2009

The Silver Anklet!

For those enthusiastic fans who've asked about the sequel; it is slated for release in November 2009.

You can pre-order on Amazon

Here's a sneak preview;

What if the only way to get rid of your worst enemy was to sacrifice your brother?
When hyenas snatch Tara's brother, Suraj, and two other children from the local fair in Morni, Tara and her newfound companions decide to rescue them on their own. Tara soon discovers that Zarku, her nemesis with the third eye, is back and intent on revenge.
A deadly game of hide and seek ensues, and Tara and her companions must work together to survive. But it is soon clear that Zarku is only after Tara; the others are dispensable.
Should Tara risk the lives of her friends? Or can she once again defeat Zarku and save her brother, armed only with belief in herself and a silver anklet?


Hélène Boudreau said...

The cover is AMAZING! It is so in keeping with the first, yet has a look all it's own. Looking forward to this book!

Mahtab said...

Thanks so much Helene!

Icepick Lobotomy said...

I love the cover art.


Mahtab said...

Thanks so much, Tade!

How are things with you? Have to catch up with a nice long e-mail soon. And I haven't forgotten; I still owe you a large box of chocolates :)

Lois Peterson said...

Another gorgeous cover!

Lois Peterson said...

Another gorgeous cover! Look forward to seeing your book on store and library shelves.

Mahtab said...

Thanks Lois!