Sunday, September 23, 2012

Q&Q Writer Series Featuring Gillian Chan

Website: Gillian Chan
Published Book(s): An Ocean Apart, A Foreign Field and many others which you can find here.
Upcoming Book (s): A Call To Battle. Launch is at the Bryan Prince Bookseller on Sept 30, 2012 at 2 pm.  
Notable Review (s/ Achievements): A Foreign Field is the winner of Ontario Library Association's White Pine Award, among other awards.

The Q&Q:
1) In one word, how would you describe your personality?

2) What is your deepest desire?
For those I love to be happy

3) Your greatest fear?
Something happening to my son and husband

4) Your favourite colour?
I have two of which I am equally fond - any shade of either green or grey

5) A song you can't help singing along with, every time you hear it?
American Pie - Don MaClean

6) A movie that made you cry?
Captains Courageous starring Spencer Tracy and Freddie Bartholomew. No one will watch it with me as I start crying when the titles come up and don't stop all through the film.

7) A book you have read more than five times? Or a book that influenced you the most?
"Heart of Darkness" by Conrad. The ultimate unreliable narrator and I do like unreliable narrators.

8) From your own oeuvre: your favorite child?
Ben Larsson from "The Turning" as he is so unremittingly bloody minded - not without good cause.

9) One thing you hate about being a writer?
Having to leave behind characters when I finish "their book" and start work on another .

10) One thing no one knows about you (and now will)?
Some people are Star Wars or Star Trek geeks, I am a geek about the Norse  (don't ever, ever call them Vikings!). I have been researching that period of history endlessly and there will be a book one day.

Thanks Gillian! 

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