Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tara Trilogy published by Rupa Publications

Aaaarrrghh! Have I really been away since May? Shame on me. The only excuse I have is this was the last summer with my son who started University this year. I wanted one glorious summer when we were still a huge part of his world. I know there'll be many more summers but they will never be the same. Nuff said!
So, here are the covers of the Tara Trilogy published by Rupa Publications in July this year. I love all the book covers and here they are:

Beautifully done!


Nicola Mansfield said...

Those are lovely covers. Much nicer than the Canadian ones. Tara looks wonderful!

Mahtab said...

Thank you, Nicola. I love them too! How are you btw? Good to be back in touch :)